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Requirements, Eligible Use of Funds and Income Limits

Funding Requirements

  • 15% of CDBG-DR funds are required to be used for mitigation efforts at a minimum.
  • Funds must be used in the most impacted and distressed areas “MID”. All of Volusia County is considered MID.
  • 6 years to spend the CDBG-DR funds once the grant agreement is signed.
Budget Requirements

Budget Requirements

CDBG-DR guidelines allow for percentages of funds to be used for different activities:

  • Up to 5% for administration costs
  • Up to 15% for planning costs
  • At least 15% for mitigation activities
  • Remaining percentage for unmet needs identified
Eligible Use of Funds

Eligible Use of Funds

For projects to be eligible, they must meet the following criteria:

  • Address an unmet need where no other funding source is available
  • Have a direct or indirect tie back to Hurricane Ian (unless using 15% mitigation set aside)
  • Meet a HUD national objective
  • View potential projects
Hud National Objectives

HUD National Objectives

Benefit to low- and moderate-income persons (LMI)

Project can benefit all residents in an area if at least 50.35% of the residents are LMI persons.

Meet a need having a particular urgency (urgent need)

Existing conditions must pose a serious and immediate threat to the health or welfare of the community.

Aid in the prevention or elimination of slum or blight

Project would have to meet the definition of "slum" or "blighted".

Income Limits

Income Limits


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Federal Subrecipient Requirements

Federal Subrecipient Requirements

  • Subrecipients carrying out federally-funded activities under the CDBG-DR programs are expected to understand, comply with, and create effective policies and procedures regarding the federal regulations outlined in subrecipient agreements, including those related to,
    • Procurements
    • Environmental Reviews
    • Section 3
    • Labor Standards
      • Davis Bacon
      • Copeland Anti-Kickback Act
    • Relocations
    • Fair Housing
    • Audits
    • Website regulations
    • Monitoring subcontractors for compliance
    • Maintaining comprehensive program records
    • Monitoring and reporting on activity progress
    • Meeting performance goals
    • Cross-cutting requirements
  • Payments would be made as reimbursements only after the subrecipient showed proof that all above requirements are met
  • Subrecipients would also be expected to leverage other recovery and mitigation funds and programs
    • CDBG, HOME, ESG, SBA, FEMA, DOT, DOL, private insurance, as well as state and local funds
  • Volusia County is committed to supporting all awarded subrecipients and helping them build the capacity to be successful