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Allocation and Action Plan

Action Plan

The draft of the action plan (post comment) is available for the public's review. View the Addendum with the comments from the comment period.

versión en español (this document was published on August 18 - September 22, 2023)

Any persons who would like information available in an alternative format or a language other than English can contact Volusia County’s ADA/Title VI Coordinator via email at tking@volusia.org. A request may also be made by emailing transform386@volusia.org.

Action Plan Public Hearing

Action Plan Public Hearing

transform386 action plan public hearing Thursday august 24. watch it live on youtube

Volusia County hosted a public hearing for residents to provide feedback on the Transform386 CDBG-DR draft action plan:
5:30 to 7:30 p.m. Thursday, Aug. 24, in the County Council Chambers at the Thomas C. Kelly Administration Center, 123 W. Indiana Ave., DeLand.

The public hearing was live-streamed:

Action Plan Development

Action Plan Development

The county will develop an Action Plan, with input from the community, to identify the unmet needs resulting from the hurricane and strategies to address them. Public participation is strongly encouraged and will be conducted through several means, such as surveys and a community engagement series. Once those are completed, a draft of the Action Plan will be published for the community to review and provide feedback.

  • Volusia County will develop an Action Plan detailing how the county intends to use CDBG-DR funds
    • Unmet needs assessment required – will include input with stakeholders groups, data required from FEMA, SBA, and public meetings
    • Draft Action Plan requires a 30-day public comment period and at least one public hearing
  • Action Plan submitted to HUD for approval before funds are released and programs can begin

Allocation of CDBG-DR Funds
allocation of funds

Allocation of $328.9 million in CDBG-DR Funds

Community Development Block Grant Disaster Recovery Funds

Volusia County has received an allocation of $328.9 million in Community Development Block Grant – Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funds. The disaster funds were allocated as a result of the devastating storms and flooding events that occurred during Hurricane Ian. CDBG-DR funds are to be used for disaster relief, long-term recovery, restoration of infrastructure, housing, economic revitalization, and mitigation in the most impacted and distressed areas.

CDBG-DR funds are usually distributed at the state level, but Volusia County has received a direct allocation from HUD.

Florida Grantees

Total Allocations

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 Lee County


 Volusia County


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Volusia County Action Plan Timeline

Volusia County Action Plan Timeline

timeline of hurricane ian and cdbg-dr