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Homeowner Recovery Program

About the Program

Volusia County has received Community Development Block Grant-Disaster Recovery (CDBG-DR) funding from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to offer financial support to homeowners who still need housing repairs or would like to seek reimbursement for repairs already completed due to Hurricane Ian's damage.

The program seeks to offer hope to homeowners who desire to repair their homes or regain financial stability in the aftermath of this natural disaster. The availability of these funds serves as a crucial resource to facilitate the recovery process and enhance the resilience of Volusia County residents.



Residents interested in applying should carefully review the below criteria.

  • HUD has established the maximum income threshold at 120% of the Area Median Income. As of May 1, 2024 the income thresholds by the number of people within a household are as follows:


( 30%)

































  • Priority is provided to lower-income households and those with a member who is aged 17 or younger, 65 or older, or disabled.
  • The applicant must have owned and occupied the home at the time of Hurricane Ian.
  • The applicant must still possess ownership of the home and have the Homestead Exemption.
  • The home must have unrepaired storm-related damage to a single-family home OR if repairs have already been made, the owner must provide proof of those expenses if seeking reimbursement.
Required Documents

Required Documents

At least one valid government-issued identification document must be provided for all household members. Acceptable forms of identification may include:

  • Driver’s License
  • Florida State ID
  • Passport
  • Birth Certificate
  • Military ID
  • Certificate of Naturalization
  • Permanent Resident Card

For household members 18 and older, proof of income is required. Acceptable forms of proof of income include:

  • 2022 Tax Return (preferred)
  • 2022 W2
  • Three most recent paystubs
  • Unemployment Statements
  • Pension/Annuity Confirmations
  • Social Security Letter/Statement
  • Veterans Affairs Benefit Letter

If a household member has a disability, verification of such must be supported with proof such as:

  • Social Security Letter
  • Veterans Affairs Letter
  • Registered Parking Placard
  • Physician’s Note
  • Disability ID

For applicants who have homeowners insurance and/or flood insurance, policy documents must be provided.

A crucial component of the application process is the evidence individuals provide, showing the damage their home suffered was directly caused by Hurricane Ian. Acceptable forms of this proof could include time-stamped photos, relevant insurance claims, or applications submitted to FEMA or the U.S. Small Business Administration for Hurricane Ian.

Applicants seeking reimbursement for completed repairs must provide receipts of the work completed. It is the applicant’s responsibility to obtain and produce this necessary documentation.

How to apply

How to Apply

Homeowners who had their homes damaged by Hurricane Ian can now apply for assistance to complete storm-related repairs OR reimbursement for expenses incurred for already made repairs. Click the "Apply Now" button below to begin.

Apply Now

Applicants who have questions while completing an application may call 386-943-7029 or email  transform386@volusia.org.

Given there is a set amount allocated for this program, households are encouraged to apply promptly once the portal becomes accessible. Depending on the number of applications submitted and the availability of remaining funds, the County will announce the closing date for applications on the program’s website and through other communication channels two weeks in advance.